Course Description

Occlusion Seminars

Date for session 1:

Session 1:  This session lecture is about General background,Centric Records, History of Occlusal 

                   Concepts, centric Records taking them, verifying them, and using them.

                    There will be 1 day of lecture and 1 day of hands-on. Each participant must bring a facebow and an

                    articulator, or you will be able to rent for modest fee from Denar.

Date for session 2:

Session 2: Lecture: Clinical Exam, Rom, Muscle Exams, Internal vs. External Joint problems,

                 Hands on: Spray Paint Models, trial equilibration, Centric records on Partner, Pinned posterior

                 Segments, Vericheck centric records, comparing various bite registration materials.

                 Broderick Flagg.

Date for Session 3:

Session 3: Lecture: Occlusal Schemes and how they releate to clinical; Anterior Guidence, Cuspid rise,

                  Long Centric, Group function, Interfearences both working and non-working. Hands on;

                  Making temperarory Bite Planes, adjusting bite planes, Making NTI deprogramer with essix,

                  Partners Models verifying first centric contact, adjusting bite planes on partner.

Date for session 4:

Session 4: lecture: If NOt Why NOt, what have you learned what have you incorporated into your practice

                               How can we help implement. Putting it altogether.

                               Participants present their own Cases.

***Possibility of fith Session if class feels it would be beneficial, at no extra tuition.


Note: this course can travel if you have 8-10 doctors who are interested.




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