Orthodontic Training

How many orthodontic cases do you refer out in a year? You could easily keep 75% of of your orthodontic referrals and be earning an extra $5,000 per case! What would that mean to your bottom line?



Occlusion Based Orthodontics

The orthodontic training is extensive and covers: Interceptive, Comprehensive for Growing Individuals, and Adult Orthodontics. It also includes using orthodontics as an orthodontic case driven by restorative treatment plans.

The basic mechanical technique is Light Differential Force. This is the mechanical theory behind Tip-Edge brackets, Damon brackets, and CORALEX brackets. The profession of Orthodontics has learned that light forces are the best method to achieve excellent results and optimizes time spent and patient comfort.

Each participant will learn to comprehensively treat an orthodontic patient. They will also learn: Diagnoses and Treatment Planning, Orthodontic Records (Cephalometrics and Panoramics will be digital, and models will be virtual), In-Treatment Problem Solving, Interceptive Orthodontics, Bite Planes, and other orthodontic techniques to aide oral reconstruction (e.g. implant use for anchorage, planning for final implant placement, etc.)

The entire training is covered by AGD Pace and over two years you will receive 192 CE credits.     


 Would you like your patient's teeth to last a life time?

What if you could have your patient's teeth look like this 24 years out of retention?

 Dr. Buckley can train you how to consistently attain this level of dentistry through his 3-step framework: Move Them, Place Them, Keep Them. You will learn the essence of excellent Orthodontics.  




Come and be a part of this progressive and comprehensive orthodontic seminar series that is part lecture and part hands-on learning.

Every participant receives individual attention and training.



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